All the files required to complete the project are listed here.


Dewey Description A PDF file with a more detailed description of the project.

Download the following file and unzip the contents onto your harddrive. You will then be able to open both the original schematic and PCB with KICAD.

Dewey-Hardware Original schematic and PCB files.

Schematic Diagram A PDF version of the schematics.

Dewey Parts List A parts list with a diagram of the parts placement on the PCB.

Dewey PCB A zip file containing the artwork needed to create the PCB. The front artwork has already been mirrored for use with the toner transfer method.

Dewey Parts Placement A PDF document showing the correct placement of the various components on the PCB.

Graphs A PDF sample printout of the graphing functions of the software.


The following downloads are the software that runs inside the controller and the interface software that can be run from a PC.

Dewey Firmware 106a This is the latest firmware , the device needs to programmed with the version included with the PC software first though.

Dewey PC Software This is the latest version of the PC application software.

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  1. James Morrison says:

    found your info interesting. Have been looking at dew heater controllers. Will let you know if I try to or actually build one.

    Thanks for your efforts. It is really appreciated.

    Jim Morrison

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