Firmware Updater

The Downloader program is used to update the firmware of the controller via a physical serial port. It is important that the microcontroller is initially programmed with the firmware and bootloader code that is located under the Firmware sub directory where the program was installed.















When the program is first started we will need to select the correct com port and baud rates that we will use to talk to the controller.

Navigate to Program -> Settings which will open up a configuration screen. Select your com port and set the baud rates as shown in the screen shot.















Once set we can close the window and connect to our controller. Plug the serial cable into the PC and controller,then power up the controller. Press the Red stop button on the program and the controller should enter into the update mode as shown in the next screen shot.















The status line on the bottom will indicate if we have successfully connected to our controller. A portion of the memory dump will change colour. The cyan area of the memory is the protected boot loader code, the rest will be the actual program code. If we do not connect for some reason or other you can try forcing a connection to the bootloader. Switch off the controller, press the the blue Pause button and switch the controller back on. Next press the stop button and it should then connect.

If it still won’t connect then it can be one of a few problems.

  • Wrong com port selected.
  • Wrong baud rates.
  • A cable problem.
  • A problem with microcontrollers firmware.
  • Microcontroller has not been initially programmed.

Once successfully connected we can load the new firmware into the program, File -> Open and browse to the new firmware hex file. Select Program -> Write Device, or it’s icon on the toolbar, and the firmware will be updated on the controller.















The status line indicates that the firmware was written correctly. We can just push the Play icon and the controller will exit download mode.

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