Eventually all astronomers will run into a problem with dew which will prematurely end ones night of observing. There are many solutions available, some free and others not so free, that can help prevent or limit the impact that dew has on ones telescope’s optics. The best solution is to try and stop the formation of condensation in the first place. This is accomplished by trying to keep the optics warm through one method or another.

I was never happy with the methods by which this was accomplished from my searches on the internet. They were either too simple, wasted too much battery power or just cost too much. This project was created with all the features that I could think of which any person could possibly want with such a system.  I will be releasing all the necessary information so that anyone with basic electronic and soldering skills should be able to complete the project for themselves over a couple of weekends.

This project will be released to the public domain and anyone is free to build it  as long as  this is not done for commercial gain.

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  1. Tony Goodman says:

    Exceptional. I know nothing about electronics but I am a fast learner and good with my hands (clock maker by trade). This series of pages & files gives so much detail I am confident with a bit of swotting over electronic and pcb construction and theory I will most certainly be having a bash myself.

    If only every guide on the interflop was so in depth life would be a lot easier!

    Your a star!


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