Software Upgrade

A slight problem was detected in the way that the humidity value was calculated and displayed by the software. The humidity display would fluctuate by a percent or two around the average value during the night. I have implemented an averaging filter to remove this niggle. The latest firmware is now sitting at version 1.06. I have also smoothed out the graph for the humidity display on the PC side. Both the new firmware and PC software have been updated on the Downloads page.


I have also added new files for the PCB artwork and Component placement on the downloads page.

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Controller gets the boot

I have finished writing and testing the bootloader for the microcontroller. The PIC will initially need to be programmed with a physical programmer the very first time. Any firmware updates after that can be done via the built in serial port of the unit and some software run on a PC.


The new firmware is available on the downloads page.

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Schematic & PCB files uploaded

The Schematic and PCB files have been completed and are ready for download on the downloads page. They are the original files as created with the KICAD electronic design suite.

A Linux or Windows version of the software can be downloaded from here. I have tried numerous different packages over the years and this is by far my favourite. Best of all is that it’s free.

KICAD Design Suite

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Project Status

The hardware design is 100% complete and fully tested. The firmware is also complete and is currently in the testing phase. No problems have been detected so farĀ and everything is performing as expected. The PC application software has also been completed and all the bugs that I could find have been ironed out.

The only thing left to do is to implement the bootloader for the hardware. This will allow the user to update the units firmware without having to resort to taking the unit apart and using a separate programmer.

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Site up and running

Just finished setting up WordPress for the first time. I will be slowly adding the content over the next few days once I figure out how everything works.

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